Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Adventure Time With Fuzz

Adventure time with Fuzz?

Who are you kidding?

Fuzzy isn't Smokey.  She had no sense of adventure- as of yet bepaws she was only a kid.  But something was growing though- you could say it was some kind of squirming itch to get the meow out of town, go somewhere warm and just paw-ty on.

Well, this urge Fuzzy had did have a root in hearing the story about how Casey and Barney went surfing in Florida a LONG time ago.  That story just made her whiskers twitch and her tail swish.  It sounded purr-fect to her the trouble was just convincing everybody else bepaws-well she wasn't sure how to get to Florida!

It was no problem convincing the kitties.  Why would it be?  They'd follow Fuzzy anywhere and going somewhere warm sounded good to them.

Baby had no desire to go to Florida.  Why?  Well, that was easy.  Captain One-Eyed Jack was coming to take her on a long purr-fect cruise to the fishiest islands out there.

The Fuzzy crew couldn't wake Barney up which was kind of shocking.  Who knew the big dude could get that tired?

As for Casey guess what he meowed to them.....?

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  1. happee new yeer two ewe guyz; heerz ta happee nezz healtheez N grazz oh plentee

    N baby, we due knot thin any one wantz ta bee in florr a da now; itz vizshuz ther two !! ♥♥