Thursday, June 28, 2018

Boris Background


            “Quitz beatin’ around the bush!”  the Mayor meowed to Joey.  “What happened to Josie?”

            Joey looked heartbroken.  “She left me for another dude and moved to the USA.”

            Mayor Tony had no idea and Casey and the Mayor were embarrassed as all meow.  “I’m sorry,” Casey meowed.  “We didn’t mean to make you feel bad.”

            The Mayor felt a sudden urgency to change the subject.  “So,” he meows to Mayor Tony.  “Wherez didz youz runz into the bear?”

            Mayor Tony informed them that Boris was known as a partying bear.  He, apparently, had this thing of sniffing out fun.  In other words, when it came to fun, he would find it.  Now, it seems like that Boris was able to do this due to the fact that he had a reputation in the animal of fixing anything and everything.  In other meows, Boris worked his bear butt off and relaxed by sniffing out the best paw-ties around the world.  Paw-ty news had the tendency to spread quickly and the liberation of Fish Island was a guarantee of fun.  As a matter of fact, it was almost a certainty that more strange animals would show up for the paw-ty.

            “Paw-tying is a good thing,” Casey meowed, “but how did the dude get here?”

            Mayor Tony’s tail swished.  “He got a ride I think,” he replied.  “He was growling out this really funny story though.”

            “Whutz was it?”  asked the Mayor.

            “He was growling that, as he was leaving, he saw this boat headed towards where he lived.  He couldn’t help but watch it bepaws it was swaying and it was really windy.  He was sure it was going to sink but it kind of gave a crash landing on the land.,” Mayor Tony meowed.

            “What about it was so funny?”  asked Joey.

            “He growled out there was a bunch of cats on it!”  Mayor Tony answered.

            Casey was afraid of this.  “Did he see how many?” 

            Mayor Tony was getting really anxious to get back to snacking.  “Nope, but he did notice something kind of interesting.”

            Oh meows- this was like pulling teeth.  “Whut was it?”  asked the Mayor.

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