Saturday, June 30, 2018

Joey's Excited

these 2 out of sight in a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Mayor Tony and Joey were watching this with amazement.  Mayor Tony was in complete shock.  “I didn’t think she’d ever fall for anybody!”  he meowed.

“Me neither,” Joey added, “that lucky furball.”

Casey appeared out of nowhere, huffing and puffing.  “Where’s the Mayor?”  he asked.

Joey answered, “He took off with Darlene.”

Casey was confused.  “Who in the meow is Darlene?”

Mayor Tony went on to explain that the Mayor went off looking for Hank and Darlene, literally, pounced on him and they went off to lover’s lane. 

Casey couldn’t believe this.  “That punk,” he muttered.

Joey started that laugh/purr thing.  “Don’t be so mad,” he meowed, “the dude is in love!”
            Casey’s whiskers twitched.  “You’re kidding.”

Joey gave him the paw.  “C’mon dude, Darlene’s gorgeous.  Cut him some slack.”

Casey grumbled some but he wasn’t mad.  “She’s that cute, huh?”

Joey described her and Casey’s eyes bugged out some.  “Meee-wow,” he answered.  “The lucky fur face.”

            Joey thought it was a good idea to change the subject.  “What did you find out from Boris?”  he asked.

            His tail swished.  “Not much,” he answered.  “He purr-ty much told me what you meowed,” he added, looking at Mayor Tony.

            Mayor Tony’s whiskers twitched.  “Not surprised.”

            Joey was still trying to process this.  “Your pals are actually on the other side of the world?”  he asked.

            “Purr-ty accurate,” Casey meowed.

            “What are we going to do?”  Joey asked, feeling adventurous.  Joey never did much traveling, the idea of going around the world had him pumped-up.

            Casey looked at him strangely.  “We?”

            “Well, you want to go help them, right?”  he asked.

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  1. de mor help de better !!!! sure letz bring joey N tony a long ! :) ♥♥☺☺