Thursday, June 7, 2018

Ship Pawing

            Toni couldn’t believe it!  Where in the meow did a deserted boat come from?  Wait a meow minute!  Could this be Captain Jack’s boat?  What if it was haunted?  Was Captain Jack’s ghost going to come out and say boo?  She didn’t have to worry though.  After two minutes of pawing around, she realized that it was a random boat.


            Toni wasn’t sure what to do.  Should she go on and see if it really was deserted?

After all their might be a cat on there that needs help, right?  But what if it was all a trick?  What if she went on there and something horrible happened?  What if someone reached out and just yanked at her tail and then took a knife and-

            Wait a meow-minute!!!  She was literally scaring the fur off her back.  She had to calm down and think rationally.  (Yeah, I know- she washed-up on an island with Daisy under mysterious circumstances so meeee-ow how can any cat pawsibly be rational here?)  Meeee-ow.

            Well, Toni had enough of debating with herself and curiousity ruled the whiskers anyway.  She took a big leap and landed right on the center of the boat with her tail swishing and whiskers twitching.  She was ready to explore.

            But meee-ow, it was weird.

            As Toni pawed around, she heard creaking.  It was just like being in some horror movie.  She was trying to figure out where the controls were but she found something suprising just 50 yards away.

            It was 3 whiskers piled on some cat fur.  Meeee-huh?  How could that have happened?  Toni studied it closer and assumed that at some point there literally had to be a huge catfight on board and judging by the fur it didn’t happen that long ago.

            Toni’s imagination stared running wild.  Did the crew have to jump overboard?  Maybe the boat was caught in some kind of storm somewhere?  She started expecting to hear meows of, ‘Get off my boat,’ at any second!

            But something really weird happened.

            The boat started moving!!!!!!!

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  1. bee care full toni; we has hurd storeez bout pie rat shipz...ghost pie rat shipz !! ☺☺♥♥