Monday, June 11, 2018

So, What Happened???

            What happened?

            I know you want to know and well, meeee-ow!  I want to know too!  Here’s the thing though, the combination of Toni on the ghost boat and Hank making it to the island and charging made any paws-ible observation of Fish Island- im-pawsible.

            Meeee-ow but when signals returned…

            There was nothing but feathers…


            What????  Did that mean?  Was it paws-ible?

            Meeee-ow!!!!  You heard it!!!  ‘Bye-bye burdie!’

            What scared them the most?  Well, the funny thing was that Toni’s ghost ship seemed paw-ticulary set on destroying every single one of these stupid burds while Hank followed up by running after them growling like Stephen King’s Cujo.  The burds were literally gone in a matter of minutes which proves they were nothing but cowards anyway- not putting up some kind of fight.  So, what happens now…?

            Well, since Fish Island is liberated that could only mean one logical thing.

            Paw-ty time!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. noe burds = mega huge soooper awesum way kewl up de grill we can seer sum mackerull in minitz long with sum gardin greenz !!!

    984 pawz UP two ewe toni & hank ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ewe bee hee roez ~ ☺☺