Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Partier

            I know, I know. 

            Who could believe it?

            A Russian bear can fix boats?  Now go meow on that.

            As stated, the big question was where in the meow were they going to find this dude?

            The Amur Leopard, whose name happened to be Andy (and meee-ow it was good to finally get a name out of this dude) really wasn’t helpful with that.  “This dude is a partier,” he said.  “It’s tough to tell where he might be.”

            Meeee-ow… did we actually hear this right?  A partying, boat-repairing bear?


            Oookay, we got that out of our system, so let’s paw along here. 

            “When’s the last time you saw him?”  asked Captain Jack, trying to humor Andy and did you really blame him?  Who wants to tick off an Amur Leopard?

            Andy’s tail swished.  “Probably 2 weeks ago.”

            Barney thought he was going to freak.  2 weeks?  2 MEOWING WEEKS?  What in the meow were they supposed to do, just sit around and wait until they become tiger food.  Barney was about ready to say something really smart but Fuzzy stopped him with a very reasonable question…

            “Where do you think he is?”  she asked.

            His whiskers did that perfect-perky antenna thing.  You could see the lightbulb over his head, practically.  “I remember now!”  he said.  “He was going to some island.”

            Baby was even getting to the impatient point here.  “Why in the meow would a bear go to an island?”

            Barney was steamed and we’re meowing Fred Flintstone steamed.  “You’re making this up,” he meowed to Andy.

            Andy was flabbergasted at how mad everyone was.  “I’m not I swear.”

            “Then where did he go?”  asked Captain Jack.

            “Did you guys ever hear of a place called Fish Island?” he asked.

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  1. fish island !!!!!!!! FISH ISLAND !!!!!! bout small werld huh.... bye de way andy, two weekz ta houz catz iz like 2 yeerz buddy....ya noe ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥