Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Dave's Ideas

A reluctant Captain Jack went into surprising detail of what happened to the boat.  All of the kitties actually started getting a whisker ache listening to this but Dave seemed like he understood.  “Maybe I can get ya some help,” he said.

            Meeee-ow what in the meow is up with this?  How would a Siberian Tiger know about fixing a boat.  Dave seemed like he could sense the amazement.  He started giving that happy/growl laugh.  “Don’t get so excited- kitty pals.  I’m talkin’ about the big man.”

            Barney couldn’t believe it.  “Get out.”

            “I’m not kidding,” Dave said.  “I’m talking about the man in the red suit!”

            Captain Jack’s whiskers were twitching.  “How are you going to get in touch with Santa Claus?”

            Dave relaxed and stretched out his paws.  “I got my ways.  What are you cats doing up here anyway?  I never thought I’d see you kitties again!”

            Barney let the whole story out.  It was amazing how fast he managed to meow it.  Dave was fascinated, especially with the tale of the Mayor and Casey traveling on a log.  However, when he heard about Tippy disappearing with the little rhino that got his attention.

            “How come you cats just left them there?”  he asked indignantly.  “You shouldn’t have done that.”

            All of the cats just looked at each other nervously.  Much to their shame, Tippy was actually pushed from their brains.  Captain Jack was feeling incredibly guilty.  “This is on me,” he meowed.  “I bet this is payback- the boat breaking for us leaving.”

            Tippy had disappeared so long ago that all of them were kind of at a loss what to do.  “I wish we knew how to get him back,” Baby meowed.

            That’s when Dave jumped up.  You could practically see a lightbulb over his head-LOL.  “Maybe there is a way,” he said.

            “What do you mean?”  asked Barney.

            Dave didn’t answer bepaws he made a flying leap and headed through the forest!!!

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  1. dave if ewe can findz tippy casey N de mayor... we owe ewe like 95 gazelle snax !!!!! :)☺☺♥♥