Thursday, July 5, 2018


            “Quit being so freaking paranoid,” Captain Jack meowed.  “Go and bring Baby back here.”

            There was a huge roar after he meowed it which caused all fur to stand on edge.  After it was over Barney meowed, “I’m not going after her.”

            “Coward,” Captain Jack meowed.

            “Well, why don’t you go after her?”  he asked reasonably.

            “I have to stay with the boat,” he announced. 

            Men- whether they’re cat or human they’re all the same!! 

Pawing right along…

            They didn’t have to worry to much about it bepaws Baby came running back in a matter of two minutes.  Any other time it would be funny considering no one could actually pinpoint the last time Baby ran really fast but I digress.  If a cat could look pale that would be Baby. “Duh-duh ma-meee-“

            The cats gathered around her.  “What happened?”  Barney asked.

            “We heard the roar,” Captain Jack added.

            “Da-dah-dud- meee-“

            Barney took his tail and did the cat version of a smack across the face.  Baby’s head snapped back and the whiskers got back to normal.  “There’s a tiger back there!”  she exclaimed.

            The cats didn’t know what to say but if you took a close look you would notice that they were the only 3 standing on the shore.  The rest of the cats were back in the safety of Captain Jack’s boat.

            “Didn’t you dudes hear what I meowed?”  she asked.

            Barney had no problem believing her and was about ready to head into the boat but Captain Jack grabbed his tail.  “Are you sure about this?” 

            The second he meowed this there was a lot of noise (like plants moving) and a huge Amur Tiger appeared!!!!


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  1. jack...dood.....ya hafta bee leeve baby; when her sayz sum thin...itz werd....~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥