Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Back on the Island

Meanwhile, back at Fish Island…

          Meee-ow, you forgot about that, didn’t you?  You forgot about the wild paw-ty, right?  Meee-ow, of course you didn’t!  Cats are the best paw-tiers on the block and no matter what they always know how to have a good time.

          Pawing right along…

          So, you’re wondering what happened to Casey and Joey and this gung-ho mission about finding Captain Jack’s boat.  Well, that idea disappeared as fast as Casey’s insistence they needed to go and look for it.  What changed his mind?  It was a sampling of the secret Fish Island catnip/fish tropical drink.  It packed such a wallop that both of them ended up falling asleep and losing the memory of even wanting to go out and look for it.  Go figure right but you have to give the boys a pass, after all- paw-ties can make you do meowy interesting things!

          Pawing along, I’m sure all of you wonder what happened with the Mayor and Darlene.  Well, that’s an extremely good question that I can’t really answer.  Why?  They disappeared that’s why and Daisy was hy-sterical.

          Her hysteria was actually what bought Casey and Joey out of their catnip/fish high.  “We gots to find dem!”  she yowled at Casey, pulling at his tail.  “That jezzy-bel probably killeded him and took his money.”

          Casey wasn’t in the mood for this and besides, his head was throbbing.  “What in the meow is a jezzy-bel?”

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  1. nip will due it ta ya everee time buddy; ya knead sum grazz ta cure de nip-over :) ♥♥