Friday, August 10, 2018

Dave's Hiding Something

          Babysitting?  Dave, the Amur Tiger, was a babysitter?  Meow!  Think of the stories this dude could tell but here I am getting distracted again.  So, pawing right along…

          In the meantime, Tippy was trying to meow.  Somehow, he managed to let out this squeak that was a cross between a whistle and a meow.  (I know, it sounds weird).  It made all of the cats look though and the little dude started blushing.

MOL- yep- it’s true kitties can blush!

          There was rustling coming from inside the cave and everybody got a little bit excited but here Barney pawed in to check it out but something must’ve scared him because he came running out like his tail was on fire.  “What in the meow were you doing?”  Baby yowled.

          “I had to check it out,” he meowed shakily. “Meee-ow it’s creepy in there.”

          “What do you expect?”  asked Dave.  “It’s a cave.  What were you trying to do anyway?”

          “Excuse me if I wanted to see how Tippy, who was in Sumatra, got all the way up here from a cave,” Barney meowed indignantly.

          “What are you getting so excited for?”  Baby asked. 

          “Well- HOW DID TIPPY GET ALL THE WAY-”

          “We know!”  Dave growled out.  “But you shouldn’t have went in there without knowing what was up, you dope.”

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