Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hysterical Daisy

          Mouths dropped.

          Whiskers fell in disbelief. 

          It was almost purr-fectly planned.  How meowy coincidental that Darlene, suddenly, pops up!  Casey looked at Daisy with narrowed eyes.  “Is this some kind of joke?”  he asked.

          “I don’t know what in the meow you’re meowing about,” she answered.  She’s looking at Darlene with her tail swishing.  “What in the meow iz wid dis!”  she yowled.  “Wherez da Mayor?”

          Her eyes were huge and she looked REALLY PETRIFIED.  “He disappeared!”  she meowed loudly.  “He vanished.”

          Remember that headache Casey had?  Meee-ow, it was getting worse and it was reaching the point of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhardt status.  Joey, well, forget him bepaws I think everything caught up with the dude at once.  He seemed like he lost the ability to meow.  Daisy, however, was on a roll…

          “You didz somethin’ to the Mayor!”  Daisy yowled.  “I know youz did!  Youz havez a bad reputation!”

          Darlene’s eyes narrowed and Casey swore she growled.  “I didn’t do anything to him,” she meowed.

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  1. chek de tunnel tranz port dee vize....we bet himz in ther....dude waz all wayz gettin inta sum thin !!! ☺☺♥♥