Monday, August 6, 2018


            Meeee-ow!  You’ve been waiting for it for a long time!

            Admit it- you’ve been wondering.  But it’s been so long you might’ve forgotten.

A quick recap- Dave, the Amur Tiger, took the gang to some strange area that looked like it had a lot of caves, caverns, etc.  The gang had been debating on what to do but a familiar cat came out of the cave.


            Tippy????  You have to be meow-kidding. 

            Nope, it was little Tippy.  Little Tippy?  That was a chuckle and a purr.  Tippy looked like he grew a couple of inches and gained about five pounds.  He looked paws-itively athetic!

            The gang couldn’t believe it.  Barney was paws-itively giddy!  “How did you get here?”

            Baby was downright puzzled.  “What happened to that baby rhino?”

            These were only 2 of many questions that poured out.  Captain Jack was even firing them off and he wasn’t even around when Tippy met the little rhino.  In the meantime, Dave, literally, passed out from shock.  How could he not?  How often does a tiger get to run into a rhino?

            After a couple of minutes, Barney yowled, “QUIET!!!”  And after about two minutes of silence, Barney meowed, “Let the little dude speak.”

            Tippy was ready to spill his guts but when he opened his mouth to meow…

            Nothing came out!

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  1. tippy; dood...time travelz does that....even gettin in a carrier ta go ta de ewe noe wear place doez that; ya get speech less { ore horze frum howlin ☺☺ } hope momz doin aye oh kay ! ☺☺♥♥