Friday, September 14, 2018


          Pawing right along…

          Casey and Joey, as meowed, were ready for some serious pawty-ing.  Everything was getting a little more interesting anyway bepaws someone got the bright idea to get a surfing contest started!


          Surfing contest?

          Smokey flashback?  Casey felt his whiskers twitching a little bit, thinking of the great Smoke.  I’m sure if you are a longtime pawer of this blog you remember how Barney and Casey went surfing in Florida and smashed right into a sandcastle that Smokey was working on.  Meee-ow the big guy missed his pal, Smokey. 

          Meeee-ow.  Everybody misses Smokey, right?  Meeee-ow….

          Pawing right along…

          Casey, quickly, focused back on the surfing contest.  Meee-ow, paw-viously it had been ages since he’d been on a board but meee-ow he was feeling the urge.  Joey, for some reason, seemed purr-ty pumped up by the whole situation.

          “We have to have to enter it,” he meowed.

          Casey eyed Joey, skeptically.  If Barney was around, there would be no question about entering the contest.  Barney, if any of you remember this, was an expert- he had the weight for the board-MOL. 

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  1. guyz....a surfin contest soundz awesum witha cap a tull Z...& it HAz been a whilez sinz we all had sum surf N sun fun ! ☺☺♥♥