Sunday, January 20, 2019

Barney v. the Burd

            The duck was moving so fast that he looked like one of those trucks on highway.  To top it all off, he had this look on his face that was just flat-out crazy!!  Max, who had the urge to jump in and attack just yowled, “HEAD FOR THE TREES!”

            The kitties had no problem with that advice and they all managed to climb pretty easily, even Toni was somewhat on the plump side.  Luckily no human was really paying attention to them because they were all focused on that duck.  “What’s with him?”  a lot of them were asking.  “Is somebody scaring him?”

            And on…and on…

            In the meantime, Barney was high up in an old oak tree feeing completely unamused by the whole situation.  As you know, Barney is the senior citizen of the group so who really wanted to just hang off of a branch?  It was making his bones hurt.  He also had so anger running through his fur.  What in the meow was with that damned duck?  He looked down at him with contempt The Trouties were right-burds stunk.  Barney really became unamused when he saw that duck was eyeing him, specifically.

            “What are you looking at you dumb burd?”  he yowled.

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  1. barney if that bass terd comez neer ewe, we R gonna bee on hiz azz ina fast minit ~~~ ☺☺