Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Fuzzy's Waiting

            When it came to the idea of more adventures who knew what was going to happen next?  Barney seemed like he went into retirement bepaws all he seemed interested in doing was eating and sleeping.  Baby seemed like that all she wanted to do was romp around in the woods on old tree logs with her new boy cat-friend of the week.  (Meee-ow and who said that fixed kitties couldn’t have any fun, right?)  Pawing right along…
            Toni, Sammie, Paws and Tippy seemed like they wanted to sleep all of the time.  Who could blame them really?  That was one meow of an adventure that the gang had a few months ago and little kitties do need their sleep.  It was Fuzzy who was restless.  Meee-ow, restless was an understatement.  As a matter of fact, the whiskers wouldn’t stop twitching with anticipation of something new happening.  Fuzzy couldn’t explain it really, it seemed like that there was something really strange that was going to happen.
            And Fuzzy didn’t have to wait very long…
            Something was scratching at her front door!

1 comment:

  1. YAY !!! we can commint again !!

    we haz ben off line fora while sew we have ketchup on friez ta due two !! glad ta see ya bak thiz way guyz ♥♥

    N now...a may bee knot sew much post ree lated commint

    stopping bye with a new yeerz toon
    wood sure bee nice if this waz joon
    coz oh everee thing we bee a wishin…
    weed bee ona boat N due in sum fishin

    happee new yeer frum de frozen tun dra ~ !!