Friday, January 4, 2019

Helpful Fuzzy

            Fuzzy looked around to make sure that she heard this correctly.  Her help?  How in the meow could this strange kitty want her help.  What in the meow could paws-ibly be happening here?  She was just a little kitty- she didn’t have any experience helping other kitties!  Fuzzy started to wonder if this little dude had the right place.

            “Are you sure you want me?”  she asked.

            Vinnie nodded.  “You have to help me,” he meowed.

            Fuzzy’s eyes were huge.  “I’m not a full-grown cat,” she meowed. 

            Vinnie’s whiskers twitched.  “You just have to help me,” he meowed.

            “What made you come here?”  Fuzzy asked.

            “I heard all about you,” Vinnie meowed.  “You and your pals always help people.”

            Fuzzy couldn’t figure out how this was even remotely paws-ible considering that she never went on a lot of adventures but she felt sorry the little kitty.  “What can I do to help?”  she meowed.  “What’s the matter?"
                "You have to help me find my dad," he meowed.

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