Monday, January 14, 2019

The Vinnie Shock

     Surprisingly, the duck listened and for a second all was silent.  Humans lost interest, which was a meowy relief to the kitties.  After all, who really wants to do anything with cellphones flashing in every direction.  Soon, the Mandarin Duck just started making regular noises and, eventually, swam away.

            The kitties were flabbergasted.  What in the meow was up with that?  Poor, little Vinnie!  He was shaking like crazy.  “He scares me,” Vinnie meowed.

            He wasn’t alone in that regard.  Toni thought he was really creepy.  “Why do you think he did that?”  she asked Barney.

            Barney still looked pretty miffed.  “How in the meow do I know?”  he asked.  “I’m no expert on ‘burds!’”

            “Do you think the Trouties would know how to talk to the duck?”  Fuzzy asked innocently.

            That melted Barney’s anger.  “You funny, funny Fuzzy!”

            Fuzzy didn’t think it was that funny but she enjoyed a good laugh/purr with the rest of the group.  The good-hearted fun stopped though when Vinnie meowed…

            “That duck knows where my dad is!”

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  1. uh....guyz.....itz like a "burd" vinnie; seer ee iz lee dude can ya think of ANY ONE else who can tell uz wear yur dad iz.....troo lee buddy...think.... ♥♥☺☺