Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Hank Surprise

            Hank wasn’t budging.  As a meow of fact, he actually started to look meaner.  “I don’t like a goofy cat questioning my word,” he snarled.

            Hank actually snarled?

            Yep.  I wish I could’ve recorded it for you but you’ll just have to imagine a cross between a snarl, a snort and a growl.  He scared the fur off the black and white kitties, they were actually huddled behind Fuzzy.  Fuzzy herself was feeling a little uneasy.  What in the meow was the Mayor trying to do?  Get his tail chomped off?

            The Mayor was trying to stay cool.  “Hankz you gotta relax.”

            He snorted. Hank snorted?  Meee-wow!  It was loud.  “I’m gonna pound your furry behind,” he snarled and then the craziest thing happened…
                Hank started chasing the Mayor down the path!!!

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