Sunday, February 10, 2019

Another Big Question

   That’s when Hank gave a snort.  As stated, he was over in a plot grazing like nothing happened.  All of the kitties looked at him with a mixture of shock and disbelief.  Hank gave some kind of weird toothy, hippo grin.  “What’s the problem?”  he asked. 

            “How didz youz get out so fastz?”  the Mayor asked.

            That snorting hippo laughter started.  “That was too easy,” he said.  “What a rush too getting them all out of there.”

            That’s when Fuzzy asked the inevitable.  “Where are they going to go?” she asked. 

            That bought on stunned silence.  Fuzzy asked an extremely good question.  What in the meow was going to happen to all of the cats and dogs?  Granted it was paw-tastic that Hank and the kitties ruined that hellhole but there was a lot of dogs and cats in that shelter…

            And the kitties just happened to be banned from Fish Island.


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  1. everee onez welcome ta trout towne halibutt harbour N perch eye land waz innvaded with BURD any way ~~ :) ♥♥