Friday, February 22, 2019

Sappy Moment

            The kitties looked at each other and there was a moment of silence.  Hank did have a point.  But do you want to hear something weird?  Hank was in a really good mood at this point.  As a meow of fact, he gave the Mayor a big head noogie.  “We buddies again?”  he asked the Mayor.

            The Mayor was shocked.  After he dusted himself off, (that was a hard noogie by the way), he gave Hank a weird look but meowed the inevitable.  “Naturally buddy.”

            For some reason hat called for a big, huge group hug deal so everybody including Max, Vinnie and his dad piled on Hank, after Fuzzy squealed ‘She couldn’t breathe.’ Everybody took a step back and the next thing you know, a bunch of strange cats and dogs started gathering around them.  Barney looked at the large group, looked at his pals and then meowed to Hank-

            “What were the names of the places again?”

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