Monday, February 25, 2019


            Travel?  Is it time to head back to the islands?  The kitties looked at each other skeptically.  How in the meow were they going to take all of these cats and pups to new homes when they, as we meowed, didn’t know where in the meow they were.  Besides, they didn’t have any way to travel there and no one knew where in the meow Captain Jack was.  No one could speculate on it either bepaws the dude could be anywhere!  Barney was quite happy to point that out to Hank.

            “Nobody knows where Captain Jack is,” Barney meowed.

            Hank didn’t seem too worried about it.  “Don’t worry about it,” he answered, “I’m sure he’ll show up.”

            Fuzzy really didn’t know Captain Jack that well but she found that hard to believe.  “What in the meow does that mean?”  she asked.  “Have you meowed with Jack?”

            “Yeah, little Fuzz,” meowed a voice from behind.  “Yeah he did!”                                                       

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