Friday, February 8, 2019

The Escape

            Was Barney out of the funk?  Well, it was paw-vious enough that he had snapped out of the funk.  He did something really weird though- he just ran out of there on his own without even acknowledging the kitties.  In a way, it was actually kind of funny considering how big Barney was.  He was like a large yellow blob! The overall shock though didn’t last, all of them pawed out of there as fast as they could!

            So, you’re meowing- what happened with the hell shelter?

            Somehow, thanks to the battering of Hank, every dog and every cat managed to escape that pit of death.  The humans, for some reason, actually seemed like they abandoned the place because, as stated, to them it was like some kind of crazy storm.  The gang, in the meantime, somehow managed to meet about a half mile down the road.  Strangely enough- Barney was sitting on a log by a pine tree looking miffed.

            “So,” he meowed when he saw everybody, “what kept you guys anyway?”

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  1. dood...we couldna get a cab....ya noe how hard it iz ta get a cab in NYC !!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺