Monday, March 18, 2019

All around the Zoo

            Now, that stunned the gang into silence.

            Surprised?  Well, you shouldn’t be due to the fact it was paw-mazing who Hank actually knew.  After the initial shock wore off, Barney meowed, “How in the meow do you dudes know Hank?”

            “He owes me money,” one of them said.

            Okay, just picture it a second- somehow Hank, in his travels, bummed money off of a Red Panda in the Central Park Zoo???  Are you meowing serious?  Well, apparently, bepaws soon both of them started telling the kitties of some wild paw-ty a few years ago and Hank got really stoned bepaws he ate a bunch of catnip.  It was meowy nuts.  Finally, when there was a ‘paws’ the Mayor started to meow out something about Smokey but then Paws yowled, “Holy meows Tippy’s in with the Snow Leopards!”


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