Saturday, March 30, 2019

Take a Horse to Dinner

            As you already know, the kitties are pawing through New York City trying to find Smokey.


            Doesn’t it feel great to call that name?

            Pawing right along…

            It seems like that these cats went through the entire city.  They actually thought they had her at the Statue of Liberty but that was just a bunch of kitties on a bus tour.  So, the kitties seemed to have done a complete circle and have ended up back in Central Park, hanging by some of the horse and carriages under one of the benches.

            “So, now what?”  asked Fuzzy who was getting a little bored by this whole thing.  How long were they going to pull this off?  Her paws hurt and she was starting to think that all of the animals at the Central Park Zoo were playing jokes on them.

            Barney was also starting to have his doubts about the whole thing.  “I think we can head down to Little Italy now for dinner,” he meowed.

            Little Italy??

            Do cats really eat pasta???

            Well, depends who you ask.  The kitties were now in, ‘let’s figure out how to paw to Little Italy’ mode but they were interrupted by a horse’s neigh…

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