Monday, April 8, 2019

Hank's Weird Mood

            So, how was the ride??

            Fast, for some reason Hank seems like he put on a burst of speed.  It was funny too that he seemed like he knew exactly where to go.  When Barney tried to meow out, how he knew where he was going.  He didn’t answer.  Ooooo-kay…

            Hank was feeling a tad cranky!  Pawing right along…

            The funny thing was that when he got the gang to the zoo, he seemed like he got in a better mood.  Hank informed them that he actually knew several of the animals there and he couldn’t wait to see.  So, flighty Hank, literally, dropped them off at the entrance and took off inside the zoo!

1 comment:

  1. N joy yur vizit with yur palz hank..due knot stay two late tho; or ewe will get locked in at nite time ~ ☺♥♥