Monday, May 6, 2019


            One of the volleyball dudes was a sleek black cat with a long tail.  You could tell that he was in charge bepaws the dude just exuded confidence.  He came up to the boys cautiously.  “Where did you cats come from?”

            Paws was being as cool as a cat could be.  “We hit the beach a little while ago,” he answered.  “We came down with some older pals but we wanted to check out the beach.  I’m Paws and this is Sammie and Tippy,” he added making a motion with his tail.

            The cat’s whiskers twitched at this, “I’m Sammy too,” he meowed and he pointed to a gray cat with white feet, “That’s Cory and that’s Davey,” he added looking at a mackerel tabby. 

            Davey was a huge cat with a big head.  He could’ve been an Ace double.  “The light gray cat in the back is Tommy and the yellow cat is Freddy.  They’re kind of on the shy side,” he meowed.

            “But they’re purr-ty good with the volleyball!”  Sammy answered.  “So how about it dudes?  Do you want to play?”

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