Thursday, May 30, 2019

This Is Weird

            The gang was hysterical (and by gang I mean the new guys too).  Where in the meow could Tippy have gone?  Why was the ocean so meowing quiet?  It was just too spooky!  “TIPPY!!!!!”  Paws yowled in his big, tough voice.  “Where in the meow are you?”

            Then something really weird happened.

            A seal popped his head up from a foamy wave.


            A seal???  What’s up with dat?

            What kind of seal is it?  Well, what did it matter?  He was a cute fella though with big eyes and that shiny coat.  He wasn’t that big- so I guess you could call him a teenage seal (MOL).  Now, Paws was so surprised that he fell on his butt, which caused Sammie to fall into Sammy and so on- it was just a good thing this falling all over each other didn’t cause the boat to do anything crazy.  Anyway, the seal didn’t save fazed by this as a meow of fact he said…

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  1. hope full lee him said him noez wear tippy sailed off two... !!

    hay, N joy de week oh end everee one N hope itza grate one ☺☺♥♥