Monday, June 3, 2019

Back to Boating

            The kitties couldn’t believe it!  Tippy did take off with Smokey and Hank.  Paws waved at them like crazy but neither paid attention.  Wherever Hank was taking them, he was in a BIG HURRY.

            Paws’s and Sammie’s new buddies were amazed with Hank.  “How in the meow do you dudes know a hippo?”  asked Dave, shocked.  “I don’t go near anything that’s bigger than those goofy pups.”

            Paws was at a loss.  He wasn’t sure about Hank.  Don’t forget he and Sammie were just kids after all.  Their knowledge of who knew who was purr-ty small.

            Sammie jumped in.  “Hank’s always been around,” he explained to all of his shocked pals.  “Now, let’s forget him and get this boat moving!”

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  1. wait til they findz out we all noez a big cat cuzin two !! :) ♥♥☺☺