Tuesday, November 19, 2019



          The gang had left Paw Paw-ty Island in a complete state of panic.  Toni had completely disappeared and there seemed to be no clue on what direction she even took. 

          “Where in the meow do you suppose she went?”  Barney asked, whiskers twitching.  She seemed purr-ty happy when Paws and Sammie were pawin’ around the island.”

          “Did she meow anything about wanting to see the island?”  Tippy asked.

          Nobody could answer this bepaws no one had any idea.  Toni was a sociable, fun-loving cat but when she wanted to do something she usually pawed off on her own.

          Hank was the one that was panicked.  He had taken an hour to take a quick spin around Paw Paw-ty Island to make sure that Toni wasn’t roaming around the island.  “If she went out there,” he said pointing to the sea, “then she’s in big trouble.”

          “I saw her leave in a boat,” a voice said from the water.

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  1. toni we hope ya iz sailin in de rite direction ta wear ya knead to bee....seaz can get crazee ~~~ ☺☺♥♥