Friday, February 21, 2020

So, Hank's Gone

      There was silence.  Okay, not technically, the waves were crashing against the shore but not one kitty meowed a word. 

          It was downright spooky.

          It was also downright weird.  It was a strange rush of Howie and Hank were literally there one minute and gone the next.  The kitties didn’t get one chance to enjoy having Hank back.  To tell you the truth, it was Toni who broke the silence…

          “Meeeeeee-ow!  I never got a chance to burry Hank in the sand!”

          “What in the meow do you care?”  Fuzzy asked sarcastically.  “You were to busy showing off on the jet ski.”

          “Meee-ow I wasn’t going to spend the whole time in the water- you- you Fuzz!”  she yowled, ready to give a paw.

          Paws was starting to get a headache.  “WOULD YOU TWO SHUT-UP!!!”

          “Who put a claw in your behind?”  Fuzzy asked, not really amused to be told off by her little brother.

          He ignored her and looked at Barney.  “Do you think there’s anything fishy about the whole thing?”  he asked.

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