Friday, September 11, 2020

A Sad 'Paws'

Unfortunately, I've had a lot of rotten luck when it comes to cats in the last couple of years.  I'll always wonder about Smokey, Casey, Sammie and Corey to this day.  My instincts tell me that it's possible someone did something to them.  With that being said, Barney, thank god lived to a nice old age.  I was hoping he'd make it until Oct. 1 which would've been his anniversary day but he died very peacefully in an empty pipe not far from my house.  This was a wonderful cat, who was taken to the local shelter by two bitches in 2007 and I managed to get him before the shelter even opened.  I guessed that he was about 3 years old at the time but I received no correct information from the bitch who wanted to get rid of him because she insisted he was a stray.  (Funny thing was she called him Oliver and had a carrier for him but hey whatever).  Barney, originally called Buddy, lived with my elderly aunt for awhile but within months he was with me.  One of the best memories I have of Barney is when Casey, who was literally abandoned the day after I got Barney literally would go into my aunt's house through the cellar to get him out to wrestle LOL... Anyway, I ended up changing his name to Barney because it suited him.  He was, like I said, a wonderful cat and he will be missed.  

The story will be back Monday.



  1. We are so sad that you will be missing Barney, now that he has gone on to his next adventure. At least you know what happened to him and that he had a long loved life. Purrs to all the crew.

  2. barney; we will never forget you buddy; you along with the rest of your family, will always be a part of trout towne's pals; and we were honored to call you friend. we hope mom knows; regardless of her faith, that St Francis saw you safely to heaven, so you weren't afraid, so you had no pain or suffering and so you weren't alone. we lovez you dood, & alwayz will ♥♥♥♥♥

  3. So sorry of the loss of your sweet Barney. Soft Pawkisses to comfort you🐾😽💞Fly free beautiful Soul💞

  4. We are sharing purrs of sadness for your loss of Barney, may he forever be at peace beyond his rainbow.
    As a fellow pet blogger, I'd like you to know that (at no cost to you) I do Rainbow Bridge images to share with the Cat Blogosphere and also the monthly blog, Our Rainbow Friends. It would be a honor to include Barney. Feel free to visit my blog (tho temporarily on pause as I am moving) ~ zoolatry at blogspot dot com. And also, please email me if you would like an image done for Barney, zoolatry at gmail dot com. You might also want to visit Our Rainbow Friends, the link is
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    Again, condolences on the loss of this special kitty boy.

  5. We just found where you posted about Barney going to the Rainbow Bridge and had to tell you we send our purrs of support to you all!
    Timmy and Family