Thursday, June 17, 2021

Dramatic Kitties


          The kitties stopped and stared.  Mouths were open and whiskers were at a perfect point.  Tigger and Mike even looked shocked.  In the meantime, Frankie looked stunned.  “What do you mean?”  he asked.  He was literally straight up staring up at Greta at this point.  “How do you know that it’s almost gone?”

          “It can’t be gone!”  Toni meowed looking really panicky.  “Hank needs it!”

          Greta was looking really grave with huge eyes.  “I haven’t seen what you’re looking for in a long time,” she said, “and it used to be around here all of the time!”

          “This is bloody awful,” Tigger meowed looking sick.  “Awful.”

          Toni, Tippy and Sammie were crying and doing that crazy meow blubber.  “We don’t want Hank to die!”

          “OH SHUT-UP!” Frankie yelled, looking at all of them with disgust.  “You American cats are so melodramatic!”  He looks at Greta again.  “What’s the story here?  Why do you think that herb’s gone?”

          “You know humans like to destroy everything,” she answered.  “They were close lately and got rid of a lot of greenery to put up that loud, annoying windmill,” she said, nodding towards the left where the gang saw one of those windmills spinning at a brisk pace.

          “What did they do that for?”  asked Mike.

          “Oh, you know,” Paws answered, “it’s bepaws of that thing with the weather.”

          Mike looked kind of confused but didn’t say anything else.  Now, don’t get this wrong.  All kitties were for helping the earth but kitties, being smarter than a lot of dumb humans, knew their had to be balance on all sides to make things work out.  Even so, it seemed weird to take out a nice area to put up a windmill but meee-ow who could tell what humans thought.

          Frankie was trying to comprehend all of this information while trying to find something positive in the whole thing.  After about 2 minutes it seemed to sink in.  “Wait a second!  It’s in another place besides here.  I know it is!”

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  1. What a shock. Glad Frankie kept a cool set of ears and seems to be pointing them in the right direction