Monday, June 21, 2021

Vultures? Meee-ow!


          “Don’t worry about it,” Frankie said.  “She’s a mom- she gets excited.”

          Fuzzy wasn’t sure what to think about this but it was okay- meee-ow they were in a nice area now.  It was amazing how fast he got away from the giraffes.  She wondered who they would run into next but Sammie interrupted her with a, “Meee-ow!  Look at the birds!”

          All kitties stared up and eyes were huge and fur shot up in a little bit of fear.  The sky was full of vultures.  “Holy meows!”  Paws yowled.  “Look at all those vultures.”

          “Oh don’t worry about them,” said Frankie trotting along.  “They’re not going to do anything to you.”

          The second he said that a vulture flew down and landed on a tree right in front of them!


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