Thursday, July 29, 2021

The News


      This didn’t sound good.  When in the meow did anyone say ‘I have some news for you’ have good news?  Fur was going on up and tails were swishing.  Frankie, who was off to the left, grazing, even stuck his head up to see what was going on.  Finally, Paws was the one that meowed it.  “What happened?”

          That set off the waterfall.  “Where’s Hank?”  Fuzzy asked.

          “I want to see Hank!”  Sammie yowled.

          Toni started to cry, Mike and Tigger even started yowling.  Tippy in the meantime was yowling, “Hank!!!!!  Hank where are you???’
          Harry let them go for a few minutes and then said it…

          “He’s dead.”


  1. noe....noe he iz knot....harry doez knot noe what himz talkin bout