Tuesday, August 3, 2021



          Hank’s body started shrinking.  Wait a meow minute- it started SHRINKING????  As the water fell, a bright light shone over Hank’s body and that Hank’s form started to change and after about a minute- it was gone but Hank was still there.

          But he had reverted back to being a baby hippo…


          Did any of you ever see Aladdin?  I’m talking about the good kind with Robin Williams.  Well, if you have, you might remember that Aladdin conned the Genie out of a wish and his mouth dropped to the ground.  Well, that was the kitties, Harry and Frankie.  Their mouths were on the ground.  Hank was alive and this was so meowing unbelievable that Fuzzy couldn’t even think of the meows for it. 

          Hank was back and he was a baby!!!


  1. That is kinda amazing and... Geez what happened anyhoo?

  2. dood....sew much fora date with fiona huh !!! :) ☺☺☺♥♥♥