Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Jaguar Really Wants Hank


          The jaguar just gave Fuzzy a funny look.  “What do you mean?”  he asked.

          “How do you know Hank?”  Fuzzy asked again, getting a little fuzzed-off.  As you know, Fuzzy liked to get down to business.

          “Everybody knows Hank,” the little jaguar answered.

          “What’s your name anyway, dude?”  asked Fuzzy.

          “Sammy,” he answered.  “I’m Sammy and where’s Hank?”

          “Hank went out for awhile,” Fuzzy answered.  “Dude, how did you get here?”

          “The Colombia hippo gang came up here,” Sammy answered.  “They wanted to go to Cincinnati to visit Fiona, Bibi and Tucker.”

          Fuzzy didn’t know whether to laugh or purr about this.  For one, she didn’t know too much about the Colombian hippo gang but the idea that a bunch of hippos from South America bought up a little jaguar was meowing hilarious.  Besides that the fact that a bunch of hippos heading to the Cincinnati Zoo to see Fiona and her family was just flat-out pawsome.  For some reason the only thing Fuzzy could meow out, “Didn’t they want to see Hank?” 

          “They’re coming back to see him after Fiona,” Sammy answered.  “Now, where’s Hank?” 

          “Hank went looking for a snowy owl,” she answered.  “I’m not sure when he’s coming back.”

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  1. guyz...for reelz....iz de zoo gonna get sum more hippoz !!! :) ☺☺♥♥