Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Game Players


          Smokey couldn’t believe it.  Ace pounced on the bulldog!  They were rolling around and Casey, despite the fact that he lost a life in Catman, he was still abole to keep playing his original game!  When the bulldog started grabbing at him that’s when Smokey leapt to the front and started pawing at the bulldog’s head!  He tried to throw her off with one paw but there was no way she was letting go.  The bulldog was cursing at her and slowly losing this battle against Ace.  When he fell to the ground is when Smokey got jerked off.  That’s when she noticed that every cat seemed to be in some kind of fight by that point.

          Meee-yowl wait a minute how did that happen?

          Well, when you had a dog version of a biker gang hanging out at the rest stop you should’ve suspected something like this would come, considering one of them believe it or not had the Catman record.  Now, why a pup would want to play Catman is a mystery.  Anyway, the pup in question looked like a pit bull mix and he was headed right towards Casey who still managed to hang onto that game. 

          Smokey tried to head over to help Casey but she got whacked with a long black paw from a rottwiler she ended up flying across the room and landed right on top of the game.  She was only there for a second bepaws the top got really warm.  The game was overheating and the sparks were flying.  She hopped off it so fast that she landed on the Rottweiler who tossed her on the game originally!

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  1. watch out rottie mite be a cuzin two de rottie frum de mewvie...... de omen !!!!