Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bulldog Rumble

          The next thing every cat knew a bulldog pawed into the game area!

          This was a huge bulldog and he just looked flat-out grumpy!  He was a brown and white dude with a huge head and the smallest ears you ever saw on a dog.   Smokey also noticed that spit was even coming down from the right side of his mouth.  This was literally a ‘mad’ dog and judging by the reaction of some of the cats, Smokey guessed this was the owner.

          The dog growled but nothing happened.  Next, he let out a woof but that only got some to turn their heads.  Finally, he let out a growl/woof and that got the attention of the audience but it didn’t take away from Casey’s playing.  He marched up to him and woofed out.  “What are you doing to my game, CAT?”  He tried to grab Casey’s paw but he ended up giving him the claw. 

          “Leave me alone you ugly dog!”  he yowled.  “Can’t you see I’m playing a game?”

          The bulldog didn’t want to listen to reason.  He grabbed at Casey’s tail and that’s when, surprisingly enough, that got Ace moving.  “Hey you dog- you let him alone!”

1 comment:

  1. knot ta worree guys...most bulldawgs iz all gruff N noe ruff...thousands & thousands & thousandz oh yeerz ago... de food serviss gurl hada bulldawg...a burglurr coulda walked inta de houz N him wooda been like...sew...got any food !! ☺