Sunday, February 15, 2015

Serious Paw Playing

          (Quick Paw Note: The kitty was around last night but I think he’s sleeping in a cave over the hill.  It’s not really a cave but a cove-oh who knows…lol there’s enough holes in the bank that I think that’s where he’s going.  He’s only coming out at night though and there is food out for him. So give a lot of paw wishes and wish the kitty (aka. Tommy) lots of luck- if he makes it past tonight he might be okay.  Then again, it’s not as bad here as the wacky weather people say.  And to our anipals in New England- oh meeeee-ow- we send tons of paw wishes and remember to take care of your roof, etc.  We kitties wish we could come up and see some of those mounds!  Meeee-wow!

          And back to the ‘tail…)

          Smokey agreed with Barney.  There was no way they could disturb Casey, especially now.  Besides, he had one of those wacky looks on his face that you couldn’t describe.  Besides that Smokey was fascinated with how his whiskers were twitching.  In fact, Tommy even asked if his whiskers were going to fall off.

          Casey was paw-tastic though and the crowd seemed to grow.  Smokey heard talk of him setting a record and the fact that somecat should call the newspaper and even the tv station.  Every so often you could hear a group of cats go, ‘me-ooo’ and ‘me-ah.’  Some kitties meowed out questions.  Others lectured and meowed just to let him keep going.  Then something really bad happened- Ace came out of nowhere.

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  1. tommy...havin lived on de streetz for a good yeer, eye can tell ya, if ya kneed ta chillax anda place ta call home...purry cute iz me ♥♥♥


    N casey....dood....ya better watch out coz ace............ !!