Monday, February 16, 2015

On the Verge

     “What in the meow is going on?”  he yowled out over the noise.  And meow, you heard that correctly, I said noise.  The cats were getting really rowdy at this point.  Smokey actually thought it was almost getting pumped up to the point where it sounded like a football game!  Ace’s whiskers were even twitching.  “Is dis all for him playing that stupid game?”  he asked, using his tail to point at Casey.

          Smokey wasn’t sure what to think.  Ace and Casey were so jealous of each other it was hard to tell whether or not Ace was going to go all yowly and scratchy on him.  Surprisingly though Ace looked impressed.  “Is he setting a record on that game or something?”

          “More than  just a record,” Barney said patiently.  “He looks like he’s going to break the machine!”

          Tommy was very excited by this prospect and he was yowling, “Casey!  Casey!”  The chant started, “Casey!  Casey!”  The whole place was rockin’ like a football stadium.

          The next thing every cat knew a bulldog pawed into the game area!

1 comment:

  1. record for catman iz like 17 minits we think.....N thatz in cat time... sew it could bee like 900 yeerz in peepulz time sew we hope ya beet de record !! ♥♥♥