Sunday, February 22, 2015

Smokey to the Rescue

          A dog had Ace by the neck???


          Smokey had no time to waste, she pawed in there not even thinking of the irony of the whole thing.  Stop and *purr* on that for a second.  The boys, with all of their legs, were leaving while Smokey, with three legs (one being missing on the back) was going in to try to save Ace???  If you would’ve ran this past Smokey a couple of years ago she would’ve passed out from laugh/purring too hard.  Who would’ve ever thought that she would’ve tried to save Ace, since he was such a big bully when he first came to the house.  Come to think of it Casey and Barney abandoning Ace was actually purr-fectly understandable.

          Yeah right.  In other words, the next time she saw those two she was going to scratch their eyes out.  Smokey may not get mad too often but she gets even when it’s necessary!  Anyway, right when she saw Ace that’s when she heard, “Smokey!  Smokey!  Wait for us!”

          Sure enough Barney and Casey had an attack of conscience and came back.  They were actually right behind her!  Casey was pointing with his left paw.  “There he is!”  he yelled.

          The original bulldog who was mad looked like he was eating Ace!


1 comment:

  1. three gainst one...HA !!! we think de dawg better be abe bull ta run fast......get ace N get outta ther guys...tommy & baby haz de car revvved up N waitin ta makes a get a way ♥♥