Saturday, February 21, 2015

Smokey on the Prowl

          Smokey wasn’t afraid.  Believe it or not she actually had that pumped-up kitty feeling that made her feel like clawing everything.  Cats were yowling and coming out in every direction.  She actually saw Baby streak to the car which shocked the meow out of her so much that she didn’t even get a chance to yowl out anything.  Where in the world were the boys though?  There was no way that they got eaten by those cranky pups- was there?

          Well, those thoughts were cut off when she heard sirens!  Holy meows it was the animal cops and trust me we weren’t talking about human animal cops!  We were taking of what could be anything from dogs, to cats or even birds!  Smokey didn’t even want to think about it she had to get those boys out of there!

          Then the biggest miracle happened!  Casey and Barney came out at the same time but there was no sign of Ace.  “Where’s Ace???”  Smokey yowled.  “We have to get out of here before the cops come!  You know that if we get caught we’ll go to jail!” (Now that statement has a long history behind it and would involve a lot of back-reading!  But I can assure you these kitties have been pawsitively naughty at times!)

          “He’s in there with the dog!” yowled Barney. “A dog has his teeth around his neck!!”

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  1. knot for long he wont....go get em smokey !! we noe ewe can take on that dawg !! ♥♥