Friday, February 20, 2015

Smokey's Takes Charge

          Surprisingly, she didn’t have to worry about Tommy, he came crashing out of that building like a little ball of fire.  In other words, he was a black blur.  He jumped up and down at the side door yowling, “Let me in!  Let me in!”

          Smokey had no problem with that and he leapt right onto Smokey.  He was huffing, puffing and it took about ten seconds for him to spit it out.  “What happened-happened to everybody else?”

          “I dunno!”  Smokey exclaimed.  “I had my own problems.”  She gave Tommy a brief recap of what happened with the Rottweiler which made Tommy’s eyes bug out.  The next thing you know he was hiding under the front seat.  “What are you doing??”  Smokey yowled.

          “I don’t like them!”  Tommy replied.  “My old owner had one and he used to tease me.  He shoved me really close to his face once!”  Tommy sounded like he was crying.  “Don’t- don’t let me go out there.”

          Smokey felt terrible!  Poor Tommy, it was no wonder that Barney and he got along so well.  Before Barney had come to the house, he had been abused really, really badly.  The only reason Smokey knew that was bepaws Casey told her.  Barney never meowed about stuff like this.  “You just stay here, Tommy,” she meowed.  “You’ll be okay.  I’ll go find everybody!”

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  1. tommy....dood...ewe will bee all rite N noe kitteh better ta look out for ewe than R pawsum gal pal smokey.... ♥♥♥