Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ball Pounding Smokey

          Baby stumbled over, nearly tripping over her tail and to top it all off, she almost landed on Smokey!  “You need to paw in for me,” she choked out with the meow sounded really scratchy.

          Smokey didn’t hesitate, believe it or not, she hopped in so fast that it stunned Barney enough that he fell on his butt.  That didn’t create too much of a delay though.  These kitties were ready to play and no sand was going to stop them.  It seemed like the whole game was just one continuous serve.

          And Smokey found herself whacking that ball with more than just precision, she was downright good at it!  Not one of the kitties hit the ball further or with more enthusiasm.  The only difference was that her back leg was getting really sore, which was quite understandable considering she only had the one leg in the back.  Smokey seemed like a different kitty in this game.  She was playing hard enough that she could’ve gotten an endorsement contract if some big time executive kitty was around!  Also, she didn’t even notice, her ball pounding caused Barney to leave the game with a concussion!

          Meow a minute…

          A concussion with a beach ball?  How is that paws-ible?

1 comment:

  1. smokey...ya never noe who mite bee in de stands watchin !!!

    N barney...good......fake out...dood...!!!

    now ewe can get de pizza pie ya been wantin frum de get go...haz one for uz two pleez...with fish & extree cheeze ☺