Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Game time!

          Back to the ‘tail…’

          Smokey liked that idea and moved to the side so they could begin the game again.  Besides that it was getting really warm and the sun seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger.  Every so often she would look up to see if she could spot Tommy, Casey or Ace but no luck there.  Well, for a second she thought she Tommy on a high wave riding a neon green surf board but she realized that she was hallucinating that part.  Anyway, her mind was purry again after she had some water from the red cooler that was next to her.

          As for the game, it seemed like it got purry interesting in a meow-minute.  That beach ball was flying and of all the kitties, Barney seemed to be the one who was moving around the best.  Why was this a surprise you ask?  Well, Barney was what you call a hefty kitty.  In other words a human could get a hernia if she picked him up.  Smokey just wished she had this on video because Casey and Ace would never believe it if they saw it.

          The more Smokey watched the more she wanted in the game.  Poor Baby, who was holding her own for awhile ended up getting bonked on the head with the ball and she landed on her butt in a big pile of sand which caused a dust storm almost, sending all of the kitties into a sneezing fit.

1 comment:

  1. barney...dood....ewe show em buddy coz eye get a cuzed oh bee in ...heftee two....but eye can run & play with de ebst oh em ...just like ewe

    high paws dood ~~