Sunday, March 22, 2015

Smokey Ball

          Smokey noticed that Andy’s pals were getting impatient.  She wasn’t surprised.  That seemed like a meowy interesting volleyball tournament than she thought.  “We’ll let you get back to playing,” she meowed.  “We have to go find our pal, Tommy.”

          “Why don’t you stay?”  asked a gold cat with a white tip on his tail.  His named happened to be TJ.  “We can always use more players.”

          Baby and Barney happened to brighten at this suggestion but Smokey’s eyes actually bugged out of her head.  “How am I gonna paw around for volleyball?”  Smokey asked.  “Look at me for meowin’ out loud.”

          All of them did stare at her but it was in complete shock that she even asked that!  If you think about it, Smokey did ask something very reasonable.  Even if you didn’t play it, all kitties knew volleyball was a hardcore game, beach ball or no beach ball.  Anyway, they were all shocked that she even said it. 

          “What did you say that for?”  Andy asked.  “You can play, just try it.”

          Barney and Baby thought so too and Barney came up with a good suggestion for Smokey.  “Why don’t you watch for a little bit?  Then you can see if you want to play.”

1 comment:

  1. inn deed..smokey...give de game a watch for a while...if ewe can surf...we just bet ewe can volley ball....we haz faith in ewe !! ♥♥♥