Monday, March 23, 2015

Paw Notes

Now, we have to take a 'paws' for a second and update all of you fuzzy, fun-loving kitties on a couple of things.

 First off, I bet you're wondering what actually happened to "Tommy,"  the stray that showed up a couple of months ago.  Well, I was hoping against hope that this kitty was a "Tommy" but I was incorrect.  Unfortunately, I can't get near her.  I would love to take her to a vet and get her fixed, etc but as of right now, there's no way.  The cat is so skittish that she'll book  if she even sees you looking out the window.  I leave food out and I hope she's eating.  Unlike when Smokey was dropped off here, this cat looks well-fed.  So as of right now, she's okay.  However, she's very young and I'm concerned she might give birth here at any time and won't be able to handle it.  Does anyone know of any good tricks to calm down a really skittish kitty?

Tommy though will stay male in the don't worry about that...

Secondly, I know I have to catch up on entries which brings me to this; I want to get this out of the way.  From April 1 to possibly the Monday after Easter I won't be on here- so don't panic, etc.  I have to go on an emergency trip and might not have a chance to get on here.  After I get back, look for a lot of catching up from Smokey.

And on that note- everybody have a pawtastic rest of the day!

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  1. guys...tell your mom to have a safe journey & prayers all is well...

    as for tommy...only "time" will make her un-skittish....took boomer almost half a year to accept us.....slow and steady like the old proverb says, is the way to handle her; the fact she is well fed; or looks it, is a blessing and she MAY actually belong someplace but comes to your house to chillax ...????

    hopefully her well fed appearance does not mean kittens....lord only knows where she will have them if she is...

    but once she knows your house is a safe haven; with food and water; eventually she will come to terms and may let you get close; sadly this is one of those situations where it's either let the cat come to you in her own time...or "trap"

    a neighbor and I tried to trap "barry" over two years ago...she had kittens under their porch...barry knew what we were all about... even though we bided our time and let the trap set for days and even let the kittens play around and in they wouldn't be afraid of it

    neither barry or her kittens would let us get close...

    a week later.....she moved them all ♥♥