Sunday, March 29, 2015

Surfboard Kitties

          Smokey couldn’t believe the overall stupidity of the question!  “Are you out of your purry mind?  Don’t you remember the surfing?”

          Baby’s whiskers shot straight up.  “That’s right- you and Casey surfed when you kitties were down here last!”

          Barney was doing his best to try to act like he didn’t know what they were meowing about but, to those of you who are just joining us, Smokey, Barney and Casey came down to Florida a couple of years ago and the boys went surfing while Smokey was participating in a sand castle contest.  Well, to meow a long story short.  Casey and Barney ended up crashing in on the contest on a humungous wave that kitties online were still meowing about!  In other words, they might not be the most skilled surfers but meeee-ow they knew how to do it!  So they were purr-fect for the job or at least Barney was.

          Smokey was losing her patience with this whole thing.  “You goofy kitty!  I know you remember.”

          Barney knew he was backed into a corner.  “I wasn’t the one controlling everything you spud kitty.” 

          Smokey had her fur in an uproar now.  “Why am I spud kitty?”

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  1. a boat....!!! a high speed jet ski... yea, a boat... then everee one frum de volley ball teem can get in & join de rezz cue !! ♥♥♥