Monday, March 30, 2015

Casey to the Rescue!

This time Tommy was having the fur up and claws out.  “Would you two stop it and do something to save my friend!”

          Barney’s whiskers were twitching.  “I can’t do it.  Casey was the one who was in charge!”

          “Did somebody meow my name?”  A familiar meow asked from the back.

          All of the kitties, and remember this included the volleyball team, turned around to see Casey, who looked about as perky as he’s been in a long time.  In other words, he was really well-rested.  His purr even sounded refreshed!  Anyway, he pawed his way to the front as cool as any kitty could possibly be.  Hey, wait a meow-minute, who am I trying to kid?  Casey was already the coolest kitty.  “What’s pawin?”  He asked.  “I come down here lookin’ for some fun and I hear all of this yowling!”

          Tommy didn’t even wait to tell Casey the problem.  He used his tail to point to poor Cory on the rocks.  “You have to help him!  He’s been trapped out there for hours!”

          Smokey’s whiskers twitched at the exaggeration and she waited for Casey to meow something sarcastic.  Surprisingly, he just looked really amused.  “Well, little kitty buddy what am I supposed to do?”  he asked.


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  1. dood...get a boat....we PROMIZE ewe will knot onlee ress cue cory, haz fun, but ewe can all sew due sum deep sea fishin out ther !! ♥♥