Friday, April 17, 2015

Paw Note


No wonder you kitties are confused!!!!

Yes, we kitties have been gone for awhile but we will return- do not panic or question the meows of the Smoke.   We have been gone awhile due to the fact that our mom had been in the hospital and she has been healing after surgery!!!  We owe you kitties that explanation and also an apology for putting the wrong posts on the wrong blog!  Can you believe that???  We are what you called severely nipped in the head so we all want to meow out an apology for that.

But we want to assure you of this- we kitties will be back to normal pawing on Monday!


  1. Sending strong healing purrs to your Mom; our paws are crossed that she will make a speedy recovery.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. hay....hope yur mom iz doin aye oh N kay N why we iz just NOW see in thiz any ones guess.......hope her iz on de roadz oh health & ree coveree ♥♥♥